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27 Year-Old UTA Grad to Become First Black Student in school history to Earn Ph.D in Chemistry

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Photo via Instagram/@lindavis22

Lindsay Davis, 27, will set a historical first here in Arlington. According to DFW CBS, Davis will be the first Black student to earn a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Texas at Arlington. 

“I believe that this experience will allow me to inspire so many people,” said Davis. 

The STEM program carries a conversation around the nation about the lack of diversity. Davis talks about how the STEM program lacks representation from people of color and women in the field. She often felt alone for being a female in a male-dominated field and for being Black. According to contributor Talia Milgrom-Elcott, “as a nation, we are actively discouraging students of color to seek a quality STEM education.” The top growing industries in the nation require STEM education. Black and Brown people are not given a chance to help fight stereotypes and add diversity to the STEM program.

Davis told LU News that many people invested in her and she plans to keep the cycle going by giving back to others. She plans on being an assistant professor at Langston University, an HBCU located in Oklahoma. She is a Langston alum and a legacy. Her mother, aunt and sister all attended the university. 

Dr. Kayunta Johnson-Winters is the only Black professor in the College of Science at UTA. She advised Davis during her time at UTA.

 “The goal is to reach back and grab somebody else and train them and bring them along,” she says.

“Ultimately, you never know who you can inspire just by existing,” says Davis. She has left her mark on UTA by helping to find the College of Science, Black Graduate Student Association, where Black students in science connect and do not feel alone. Through Twitter, she has been able to make friends and meet peers in different science programs. 

Congratulations to future Dr. Lindsay Davis. Thank you for your contributions to science and opening the door for more Black people in STEM fields. 



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