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Arlington Police Chief Speaks at Town Hall Meeting, Says No Evidence of Bullying in School Shooting

Arlington, Texas - Mansfield Independent School District held a town hall meeting Thursday night, October 21, two weeks after the viral shooting at Timberview High School in Arlington, Texas.

Arlington Police Chief Al Jones made several statements to update those in attendance on the ongoing police investigation. He insisted that police have found no evidence that the suspect was bullied, despite the claims of the 18 year-old suspected shooter Timothy Simpkin’s family.

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Chief Jones asserted that Simpkins was involved in “high-risk activity”, which led to the disagreement between he and one of the victims, 15 year-old Zaccheus Selby. The disagreement originated outside of the school, according to the chief, bled into the classroom and led to a fight and, ultimately, the shooting.

Chief Jones also said he didn’t believe Simpkins intended to come into the school and shoot multiple students and teachers.

“We can’t and we won’t say that there was any evidence of bullying that day or any other day” - Police Chief Al Jones

Since the shooting, Mansfield ISD has taken several security measures in an attempt to improve safety at the school. Those measures include:

  • adding more police on campus

  • training more staff in helping with security measures

  • adding random classroom checks using metal detector wands

  • re-establishing its school safety committee.

The school shooting left 4 injured, including Selby, teacher Calvin Pettit and a teenage girl, all whom were shot. Selby and Pettit, who were both hospitalized, have since been released and are recovering, according to the families.

Simpkins was released from custody on October 7, 2021 and is currently facing three charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.


Arlington Police Department


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