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Arlington Police Hold Press Conference, Release Footage, Identity of Officer Fired in Fatal Shooting

Arlington, Texas - Arlington Police Department held a press conference Friday afternoon, October 22 at 3:00 PM, addressing several media outlets in regards to the ongoing investigation of the fatal officer-involved shooting that occurred Wednesday, October 20th.

During the press conference, Police Chief Al Jones, accompanied by several community members, spoke about how police are handling the ongoing investigation.

He confirmed that the department has met with the family of the victim, who has been identified as Jesse Joseph Fischer, and they were notified that the officer who engaged in use of force had been terminated from the department.

The terminated officer was identified as Robert Phillips, a 7-year employee of Arlington PD. According to the chief, Phillips violated the department's Use of Force policy during the incident, resulting in his termination.

Friday morning, The Arlington Police Association released a statement stating that Arlington PD was "handing down judgments without giving time for a complete investigation," and urged the department to reinstate Phillips.

In response, Chief Jones insisted that the terminated officer was given due process, saying that although the criminal investigation is ongoing, enough evidence had been reviewed to justify the termination.

Police also released bodycam and dashcam footage of the incident, which is available for viewing below:

Officer #1 Dashcam:

Officer #1 Bodycam:

Officer #2 Dashcam:

Officer #2 Bodycam:

Arlington Police confirmed with the AUME team that Officer #2 is Robert Phillips. The accompanying officer, referred to as Officer #1 was simply the backup officer in the incident and is currently on administrative leave, which is standard procedure when an officer witnesses a use of force incident. Police have not revealed the identity of the second officer.

No charges are currently pending against the officer, as the investigation is still ongoing.


Arlington Police Department

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