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Dallas to Fort Worth High-Speed Transportation Plans Advance, Will Include Stop in Arlington

Dallas-Fort Worth - Plans to develop future high-speed transportation that would take you from Dallas to Fort Worth in 10 minutes have moved forward.

Early this month, the North Central Texas Council of Governments hosted a public meeting in Arlington to provide the latest details and gather feedback.

According to city officials, transportation planners have studied over 40 potential routes and various technologies to bring high-speed transportation to the North Texas. The possible technologies for the project have been narrowed down to two: traditional high-speed rail, as seen in Europe and Asia, and hyperloop, an emerging technology popularized by Elon Musk.

Traditional high-speed trains travel approximately at 200 MPH, while hyperloop sends a pod hurtling through a low-friction tube at speeds up to 600 mph.

Transportation and city officials are working to determine the best spot for a station in Arlington. It would likely be in the city’s entertainment district, south of Interstate 30 and between Ballpark Way and North Collins Street.

Completion of high-speed transportation between Dallas and Fort Worth is still about 15 to 20 years away, as the project would likely require various funding sources and be operated under some sort of public-private partnership.


The Dallas Morning News:

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