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Former Mansfield PTA President Arrested, Accused of Embezzling $30,000 from PTA Fund

41-year-old Jennifer Medina, a former PTA president at Roberta Tipps Elementary in Mansfield, was arrested Friday for allegedly stealing an estimated $30,000 from the school’s PTA fund over the last year.

According to statements obtained by AUME from sources with close PTA connections, there are several documents/records that substantiate the theft claims, including forged signatures on financial records, unpaid invoices of an estimated $14,000, email receipts and bank statements of Medina transferring money from the PTA fund to her personal PayPal account, amongst others.

AUME was able to obtain and review several of these documents. One of the documents, a financial reconciliation report, included the alleged forged signature of Arlington Sam Houston Assistant Principal Kimberly Anderson. Our sources say Anderson is currently filing a report for forgery. The current PTA president reportedly ordered a new financial reconciliation to be done and allegedly found "massive amounts of money with no record or paper trail,' sources say.

Medina allegedly deleted the Paypal account that she was funneling the stolen funds through when PTA members began looking into the missing finances. Sources say she and another former president of the PTA, Carroll Burney, attempted to blame another individual, whose identity was not revealed to AUME.

Medina, who is an Arlington Lamar graduate, was accused of taking scholarship money, with several scholarship foundations allegedly reporting that they never received funds. Our sources say several parents and school officials reportedly called for an investigation into Medina’s actions and subsequently her arrest.

In the Mansfield ISD Council of PTAs Leaders group on Facebook, a member named Curtina Wilson posted a status confirming that the police had launched an investigation into the allegations. Medina was reportedly booked into Mansfield Jail after a police investigation led to a grand jury issuing a warrant for her arrest.

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