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32 Year-Old Man Killed in Parking Garage Fire in Arlington, Texas, Police Investigating Cause

Arlington, Texas - Arlington Police Department is investigating after a parking garage fire killed a tow truck driver early Friday morning at 848 Mitchell apartments.

The victim, 32 year-old Marcus Jackson, was working his routine patrol when the fire broke out around 4 a.m. Investigators say Jackson escaped his burning truck but died a short time later at Parkland Hospital from severe burns.

According to police, the cause of the fire appears to be accidental in nature, but they are still conducting an investigation. Due to the lack of evidence, Jackson’s family is reportedly not convinced that the fire was the result of an accident.

"As a family, we are not convinced at this time the fire that claimed Marcus' life was the result of an accident.”

His wife, Yesenia Jackson, reported that she was on the phone with her husband when the incident occurred. She says nothing indicated there had been an accident. She described a loud noise and then silence.

Police did not speak on the possibility of the incident being caused by a deliberate act. The fire resulted in a total of nine cars being burned/damaged.


Arlington Police Department


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