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Texas Law Goes into Effect Requiring Students to Play on Sports Teams Aligning with Birth Gender

Austin, Texas - A new Texas law that requires student athletes to play on sports teams that correspond to the sex listed on their birth certificate took effect on Tuesday, January 18.

The University Interscholastic League (UIL) introduced a rule in 2016 establishing that an athlete’s gender would be officially determined by their birth certificate. The governing body previously accepted updated birth certificates, where someone had their sex legally changed to match their gender identity.

Under the updated legislation, athletes status will be determined by their original birth certificate, which would have been presented at or near birth. As a result, transgender girls, who previously competed in sports against other girls in Texas, will now be required to compete against boys.

Advocates for the law argue that it protects other girls competing in sports, while critics insist that the law is discriminatory in nature.


Texas Legislature:

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