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Timberview HS Student Injured in School Shooting Still in Critical Condition, Needs More Surgeries

15 year-old Mansfield Timberview High School student Zacchaeus Selby, who was recently shot four times during the infamous shooting at the school, is in an induced-coma while recovering in the ICU.

According to his family, Selby was shot in his arm, leg, chest and stomach, is on a ventilator and will need more surgeries.

As detailed in court documents, Selby was shot by 18 year-old student Timothy Simpkins after teachers broke up an altercation between the two that occurred in a classroom. Video taken by another student and circulated on social media reportedly shows Selby repeatedly hitting Simpkins during said altercation.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit by police, teachers had separated the two students before Simpkins pulled a gun from his backpack and fired multiple times. Authorities have either not determined or not revealed what caused the fight.

Selby’s family alleges that the two students had been feuding for weeks and insists that the 15 year-old is the victim. A GoFundMe account has been started to raise money for medical expenses and legal fees for the family.


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