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Woman Found Shot to Death, Man Found Deceased After Hours Long Police Standoff in Mansfield, Texas

Aerial view of multiple police cars surrounding house
Photo via DFW CBS

Mansfield, Texas - Two people were found deceased by police on Wednesday, November 24 after a "barricaded person" standoff ensued in Mansfield, Texas.

Around 11:30 am, police responded to a “person with a weapon” call. When officers arrived, they discovered a woman apparently shot to death inside a neighbor’s garage.

Officers identified a nearby home as the location of a person who may be involved. As they approached the house, officers heard what sounded like gunshots coming from inside.

Police said the situation then turned into a barricaded suspect and officers worked to obtain a search warrant. When they finally entered the home, they found a man dead.

The two deceased people’s identities have not been released, as police are still actively investigating the incident.


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